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My Bootcamp Journey

As some of you know my career as a bootcamp instructor started in August 2009, and I delivered sessions all over London (and some sessions in Kent as well),

In some of Londons nicest parks

(and Greenwich Park is by far the best park in London)

Around this time i was competing for the T.A. and Army boxing club in Grove Park as an amateur boxer and my fitness levels were high…..

Stay with me……..there is a point to my email

I would regularly take part as a “punter” in bootcamp sessions, and I absolutely loved them, and fell in love with the civilian (military) bootcamp methodology for fitness training…….

Here’s the thing….

I put on weight and lost my fitness through the process of the pandemic (2020-2022), and the thought of taking part in a bootcamp session scared me….

(You can laugh at that if you like)

The thought of turning up to a session and not being able to complete the session terrified me…….especially as I am (apparently) the owner 🤣

For the last 4-5 weeks I’ve been attending 1 session per week as a member and taking part in the session, and I’m absolutely loving being back out in the park feeling that cold (and wet) burn

But if I could go back in time I would tell me this…..

“Go to a session and do what you can do, and then next week go along to another session and try to do a bit more and then build on that each week”

The funny thing is that I’ve said the above statement to quite literally hundreds (if not thousands) of people over the last 14 years

Don’t be like me, don’t let yourself hold you back

Feeling that community buzz and added competition in the park has been such a great feeling, and I can’t wait to join you guys in the park for more MOFit action,

You don’t need to get fit before you turn up the park to train with us, there are 3 levels of fitness intensity to accommodate those at any stage of their fitness journey

Keep a look out for me in the park when I do my next session and if you can beat me on every run in the session, you will have zero burpees to do next time you’re in my session  😉

Thank you, all of you, for being such an amazing group of people and thank you for giving me and the whole team this opportunity to train you and be in this community with you…..

You guys inspire me and have helped me more than you know over the last few years


I’ll see you in the park 💪


Xmas Timetable will be posted later……

MOFit Members Day January 27th 2024 at 9am, please do tell you friends and family and bring them along to FREE session with us

Please do share this FREE trial link with anyone in your network 👇

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